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Agnone and the Alto Molise

The MUSEC (Museo dei Costumi del Molise), the Museum of the Folk Costume of Molise is located in the Palazzo della Provincia in Isernia. The collection is composed of 35 folk costumes  and 100 traditional pieces of clothing, all authentic and coming from many villages of Molise.

The amazing clothes date back to the period between the Unification of Italy (1861) and World War I. In particular, the wedding dresses and the party dresses, together with those who were traditional for funerals, reveal cultural, social and economical features of the people of Molise.

The majority of the jewels that compose the jewelry section, 1000 pieces, were produced in Agnone.

The Museum has also a library and an interesting collection of documents.

The collection of the Museum is the result of a long and complex research made by Antonio Scasserra, now the director of the Museum.