Scamorza morbida

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  • Cheese code: SM
  • Weight: approx 150 g (1 piece)
  • Maturing period: 0 (fresh cheese)
  • Ingredients: 100% local, raw cow’s milk, whey starter, salt, rennet
  • Best before: 6 days
  • Vacuum Package: not available
  • Keep refrigerated : temperature between +2°C and +4°C
  • Not to be grilled
  • Availability: September to June



Scamorza morbida (“soft scamorza”) is a fresh, handmade, stretched curd cheese.

Features: scamorza morbida is a pear-shaped cheese with a creamy, buttery taste. Its paste is homogeneous, soft and elastic.

Serving suggestions: remove scamorza morbida from the paper, put it in a dish and keep it refrigerated. Serve at room temperature. Scamorza morbida is perfect for sandwiches, pizza, lasagna, and timballi.

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Scamorza morbida
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