Basket gift Alto Molise

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The Basket Gift Alto Molise contains:

a quarter of Mild Caciocavallo di Agnone (400 g) vacuum packed

a couple of Scamorza di Pasta di Caciocavallo (400 g) vacuum packed

a Manteca (250 g) vacuum packed

a Ricotta Salata (250 g) vacuum packed

  • Product code: C3
  • Weight: around 2 kg
  • Features: the vacuum-packed cheeses are set in a basket of dimensions 23x17x8 cm. The basket is wrapped with cling film and decorated with a ribbon and bows.
  • Best before: 6 months recurring from the date of packaging . The date is on the label of every cheese.


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Do you want to make a gift with Di Nucci cheeses? Choose between shoppers, baskets and boxes!

The Basket gift Alto Molise contains:

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Weight 2 kg

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