Flour from durum wheat Saragolla

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  • Weight: 1kg
  • Features: food wrapping paper package
  • Best before: 6 months from the milling
  • Keep it in a cool and windy room (not in the shade)
  • Producer: Umberto di Ciocco Produttore Agricolo
  • Location: Agnone (IS) Loc. Stanchillo


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The Samnites used to farm grano Saragolla back in the Roman period.

The gluten molecule of the flour from grano Saragolla is long and full of vegetal proteins, lipids and minerals.

The flour from grano Saragolla is perfect to make bread, pasta and pizza. Grano Saragolla is produced following the crop rotation without any artificial element. For this reason the amount of wheat is low but its quality is high. The wheat is stone milled.

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Weight 1 kg