This section is dedicated to the breeders who daily allow us to produce our cheese. Trust is at the base of the agreement between the Caseificio Di Nucci and the breeders. Their dedication and hard work make the difference and make our cheese different. Sharing the thrust for excellence and the respect for safety, the Caseificio Di Nucci and the breeders work daily to produce a cheese that represents the identity of their territory. The map shows where the cowsheds are located. They are mainly in the area of Agnone, Belmonte del Sannio, and Capracotta. The farthest cowshed is located 40 km far from the Caseificio Di Nucci. Here it is the list of the names of the breeders.

Agnone (Isernia)

Azienda Agricola Brunetti Rosaria

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 157c - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Ionata Angiolino

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 84 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Ionata M. Assuntina

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 157C - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Marcovecchio Adriana

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 148 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Masciotra Carmine

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 107 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Marcovecchio Gelsumina

Contrada Castelnuovo 109 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Marcovecchio Nicola

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 146 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Masciotra Antonina

Contrada Sant’Onofrio 139 - Agnone

Azienda Agricola Pallotta Onorina

Contrada Sant’Onofrio - Agnone

Capracotta (Isernia)

Azienda Agricola Di Menna Lucio

Contrada Macchia di Capracotta 9 - Capracotta

Azienda Agricola De Simone Maria Cristina

Contrada Macchia 11 - Capracotta

Belmonte del Sannio (Isernia)

Azienda Agricola Marcovecchio Daniela

Contrada Roccalabate 9 - Belmonte Del Sannio

Salcito (Campobasso)

Azienda Agricola Florio Rosolino

Contrada Pozzo – Salcito

Trivento (Campobasso)

Azienda Agricola Di Bartolomeo Maria Stella

Contrada Fonte Cerro 26 – Trivento

Azienda Agricola Di Bartolomeo Delia

Contrada Fonte Cerro 33 – Trivento