The excellent milk that we transform into cheese is collected 365 days a year from fifteen cowsheds.

What makes the cheese of Caseificio Di Nucci different is the milk. What makes the milk different is the natural environment of Alto Molise, in the province of Isernia. Mountains over 1500 meters above sea level preserve a perfect ecosystem. Abundant snowfalls in the winter and mild weather in the summer create the perfect conditions for the growth of indigenous and spontaneous herbs and flowers. Luxuriant woods host wolves, black bears of the Marsica and various birds of prey. Our milk comes from a salubrious wild land, characterized by a magnificent biodiversity that is preserved by the breeders and farmers who work with passion and dedication every day. Our mission is to preserve this nutritional and sensorial wealth so that it can be kept in the variety of flavors typical of our cheese.
In spring and summer, the breeders put the cows out to pasture and in the fall and the winter they keep them in the cowsheds and feed them with the best forage.
Purchasing our cheese means sustaining this chain and these people that together with the natural environment are the wealth of this land. Have a look at the page dedicated to our milk suppliers.

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The milk is collected from the cowsheds located in the Appennines mountains of Alto Molise, in the province of Isernia.