A quality agreement between the Caseificio Di Nucci and the breeders guarantees a high quality product, a fair price for milk and a healthy life for the cows.
The quality of cheese depends a lot on the quality of the milk. For this reason, the Caseificio Di Nucci has established an agreement with the milk suppliers that can be summed up in this sentence: the higher the quality of the milk, the higher the fee. We believe that this policy rewards the effort and dedication of the breeders whose work ensures they deliver us pure, excellent milk. Several factors determine the quality of milk: a brief list of these includes the wellbeing and feeding of the cows, the cleaning conditions of the cowsheds, the correct cleaning of the tools used to milk the cows and to stock the milk.

Animal Welfare - the cows

Healthy, free range cows produce healthy milk. Our milk suppliers fully respect the cow's biological lactation cycle and let the cows range freely in constantly sanitized cowsheds. The majority of our milk suppliers are also farmers and are able to feed the animals, in the winter, with the forage they produce. In the spring, the cows are left free to range in rich pastures.

Hygiene and checking

The quality of milk is calculated according to standards, set by the Italian law, concerning proteins, fat, total bacteria count, and somatic cell count. The Caseificio Di Nucci receives this information from the dairy inspectors that carry out surprise inspections twice a month at the breeders. These inspections aim to check the health of the cows and the hygienic quality of the milk, calculated by analyzing samples of milk. To sum up, the inspections check the respect of the following parameters:
  • food security with reference to the hygiene of the cowsheds, the milking phase, milk storage, the microbiological quality of the milk;
  • traceability (in terms of production, storage and administration of forage, breeding conditions and animal health.

The result: high quality milk

The result of such a great effort is an excellent milk that we consciously choose not to pasteurize in order to preserve its vitamins and aroma, according to the tradition.