The story of the Di Nucci family and the Caseificio Di Nucci is long and intense. The art of making cheese has been handed down from father to son, generation by generation.
The Di Nucci family has been producing stretched curd cheese since 1662. Lonardo Di Nucci, the first ancestor the Di Nucci’s were able to find information about, lived in the second half of the XVII century and was a shepherd and a cheese maker. Since then, the art of making cheese has been handed down from father to son in the Di Nucci family for ten generations. The Di Nucci family comes from Capracotta, Molise, a village set at 1.421 m (2800 ft) above sea level. The Caseificio Di Nucci is located in Agnone, a village 15 km far from Capracotta, in the heart of Alto Molise.
Franco Di Nucci and his wife Rosetta run the business with their three children Serena, Antonia and Francesco. Franco became a cheese maker working with his father Antonio who had, in his turn, become a cheese maker working with his father Giovanni Di Nucci, shepherd and master cheese maker.

While doing research about their family history, the Di Nucci’s found out that all of their ancestors, starting with Lonardo Di Nucci were cheese makers and shepherds of Transhumance.

Transhumance (from the Latin words trans “across” and humus, “ground”) was a massive phenomenon that shaped the economy and society of the South of Italy. It was the moving of people and animals (sheep and cattle) from the mountains of Abruzzi, Molise, Campania, and Basilicata down to the warm grazing plains of Apulia, the “heel of Italy”. This took place twice a year: at the end of summer, from the mountains to the plains, and at the end of winter from the plains to the mountains. The shepherds led the animals down the highways of the time, called Tratturi. Grassy pathways, up to 111 meters wide, the Tratturi were named the “Green Giants”. In Molise these green highways are still visible and accessible, bearing silent witness to a long and fascinating story.
The modern story of the Caseificio Di Nucci begins in 1955, when Antonio and Ida Di Nucci, Franco’s parents, moved to Agnone to open the first milk shop – Latteria of the town. At that time, Agnone was a rich and dynamic city whose economy was based also on the traffic of cattle and sheep related to Transhumance. Agnone had also a rich and long culinary tradition dominated by cheese. An example of this passion for cheese is the Zuppa alla Santé - the Soup of Health, prepared for special occasions as Baptisms, first Communions and weddings and featured by the Caciocavallo di Agnone PAT.
Today, the Caseificio Di Nucci is located in the Area Artigianale - the industrial area of Agnone. Franco Di Nucci inaugurated the new building in June 2000. Every day, Franco works with passion together with his young and dedicated staff to produce a cheese that tastes of history.
Would you like to know more about the story of the Di Nucci family and the Transhumance? Come and visit the Museum of Transhumance.
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The Caseificio Di Nucci has received awards in many national and international competitions. Unioncamere, the Union of Chamber of Commerce, declared Caseificio Di Nucci “Azienda Storica Nazionale” – “National Historical Firm”.