The whey starter creates a connection between past, present and future. It is a matter of continuity, conservation and style.
One of the oldest ways to make cheese is the use of a natural starter called whey starter. It varies according to the milk, the territory and the environment. The whey starter can be compared to natural yeast used to make bread. The whey starter is at the core of our production and guarantees the artisanal nature of our cheese. We choose not to use cheese cultures or other chemical starters and prefer this natural and ancient method.

The whey starter originates from whey, the liquid phase resulting from the coagulation of milk that contains several lactic acid bacteria. During the fermentation process, these bacteria transform lactose, release lactic acid and determine the coagulation of milk. The final result of this process is a solid phase called curd. Adding boiling water, the curd becomes doughy and stretchy and can be cut and shaped manually following an extremely ancient technique.

The whey starter is at the base of the creation of a genuine, handmade and unique cheese. The whey starter is magic because it changes every day and yet remains the same. It determines the quality and unique taste of our cheese. It represents the connection with our past and also with our territory, since it is characterized by an indigenous microbiota. Ultimately, the whey starter is the essence of our cheese because reflects our environment, expertise, and story.

Italy offers an astonishing number of different cheeses. This is made possible because of the indigenous microbiota that feature the areas of production all over the Italian peninsula.

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Whey starter is the life, origin and identity of cheese