Maturing our cheese is like creating art: we want each cheese to become a masterpiece of taste.
The Caseificio Di Nucci gives great importance to the maturing process. In particular, the Caciocavallo di Agnone, Mature Caciotta and Ricotta salata are the final result of a slow and devoted process.

After stretching and shaping the curd, once the cheese has been cooled down and put in a salt solution, the winds of Alto Molise dry it and make it ready for the last step: maturing. The fermentation caused by the whey starter at the beginning of the process lasts until the maturing phase. Proteins, fats and mineral salts into cheese are subject to a chemical and physical change that contributes to the creation of new flavors. The walls of our cellar are made of rapillo stone, a tuff typical of Alto Molise. Constant temperature and humidity create the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Mold is essential for maturing: it contributes to the creation of aromas that make the taste of cheese unforgettable.

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Constant temperature, humidity and microclimate feature our stone cellar made of rapillo stone and make easy for the mold to grow. These conditions, with time and expertise, transform our cheese in masterpieces of taste.