The trademark of the Caseificio Di Nucci contains the values at the core of the business. Every element represents a piece of the Di Nucci’s story: past, present and future linked together in the name of tradition.

Our ancestors in the brand

The family is at the center of the trademark of the Caseificio Di Nucci. The two seated men making a caciocavallo cheese are our ancestors Luigi and Enrico Di Nucci as they appear in a picture taken in 1924 in Capracotta. Zio Luigi and zio Enrico Di Nucci were teachers in a “Class for Cheese Makers” promoted by the Italian government. The picture was taken on the last day of class by a photographer sent by the Agriculture Ministry. Zio Luigi and zio Enrico were told of the picture, and wore suits and ties for this special occasion. Their serious gazes and their solemn gestures accompany every day of our work. Zio Enrico and zio Luigi represent our roots, the connection with our past. Above the image of Luigi and Enrico there are two letters , a “D” and an “N”, written in old-fashioned calligraphy. It was Giovanni Di Nucci, Franco’s grandfather, who wrote those letters in his diary. Nonno Giovanni was a shepherd and a massaro (responsible for the animals and shepherds) like his ancestors, but he was also the first businessman (as we conceive business today) of the family. Nonno Giovanni’s words and values inspire our work and projects.

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The trademark of the Caseificio Di Nucci contains the values at the core of the business.

“What about the word “Latteria”?

Latteria (Dairy) comes from latte (milk). To us, milk is more than a raw material: it is the foundation of our work, it is the result of the breeders’ dedication and hard work, it is the sign of the wellbeing of free range cows, it represents our territory and its biodiversity. The quality and source of the milk remain our guiding lines. Milk makes possible a miracle: a liquid that becomes solid, a paste that becomes as soft and delicate as a Stracciata or as hard and strong as a Caciocavallo. In Capracotta, the village of our origins, and in Agnone, were the Caseificio is today, people still call our shop “La Latteria”, the dairy, and calls us “the people of the Latteria”. Protecting milk is our mission and is at the core of our business.

The art of making cheese for three centuries and a half

A number, a year, a starting point: 1662. Lonardo Di Nuccio, the first ancestor we were able to find information about, was born in 1662 in Capracotta. Since then, for three centuries and a half, the art of making cheese has been handed down from father to son in the Di Nucci family. We value this date, we are grateful for having the chance to continue this tradition and we are doing our best to honor this heritage!

Agnone and the Alto Molise

A link with our land was essential: Agnone and Alto Molise are the origin of every gram of cheese that we produce. Our land is like a mother: sometimes tough, but always generous, warm and beautiful.

The red color

The color used in our logo is RED because that is the color of blood, family and passion.