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  • Cheese code: MNT
  • Weight: approx 200 g (one), approx 400 g (two)
  • Maturing period: 3-6 days
  • Ingredients: 100% local, raw cow’s milk, whey starter, salt, rennet
  • Best before: 30 days
  • Vacuum packed: available
  • Package weight (vacuum-packed): approx 200 g (one), approx 400 g (two)
  • Best before (vacuum-packed): 3 months after the date of package
  • Keep refrigerated: temperature between +2C° and +4°C
  • Not to be grilled: perfect for adding flavor to pasta and rice.
  • Availability: September to June



A thin coat of Caciocavallo paste covering a 5 cm diameter ball of handmade butter makes Manteca simply unforgettable. Manteca has a milky, buttery taste.

Serving suggestions: remove manteca from the paper or the plastic bag. Keep it refrigerated or frozen.  The butter can be spread on toasts, sandwiches or bruschette. The core of butter is also perfect for adding flavor to pasta and risotti. The coat of pasta di Caciocavallo can also be shredded and added to pasta or risotti.

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