Agnone, the city of ‘ndocciata

Agnone città della 'Ndocciata | agnone the city of 'ndocciata

Agnone city of 'Ndocciata.

Agnone is the city of the oldest fire rite in the world, called ‘Ndocciata from ”‘ndocce” – torches.

The ‘Ndocciata is a procession of men who, clothed in ancient costumes, bring  big torches made with fir tree down the main street of the city. The torches are put together in groups of 2,4,6,8, up to 20. The men bearing torches walk and pirouette, astonishing the audience.

The ‘Ndocciata was originally a pagan rite celebrating the winter solstice and testifying the ancient link between man and fire.  Fire was essential for our ancestors who practiced Transhumance to warm up and transform milk into cheese.

Photo credit: Fabrizio Cimini