Alto Molise the land of biodiversity

Alto Molise, land of biodiversity | Discover Unesco MAB Nature Reserves

Luxuriant woods and green pastures feature Alto Molise. The UNESCO MAB Nature Reserves in Collemeluccio and Montedimezzo are special areas where visitors can go trekking and go on a pic nic, discovering the magnificent biodiversity of Alto Molise.

The Nature Reserve of Montedimezzo is in the area of Vastogirardi and S. Pietro Avellana, the village of truffle. Visitors can enter a naturalistic museum and meet fallow deer, mouflons and birds of prey. There is  a path for disabled people and tours are organized for adults and children. A path leads to Re Fajone, a centennial beech tree with a circumference of 7 meters.

The Nature Reserve of Collemeluccio is in the area of Pietrabbondante and Pescolanciano. The enjoyable and well-marked lead to the wonderful view of Belvedere Colle Gendarme. The rare species of white fir is present in the wood, together with the ruins of an old mill.