The Alto Molise and the Sanniti

L'Alto Molise e il mondo dei Sanniti | The Alto Molise and the Sanniti| Pietrabbondante

The Sanniti were the indigenous people of Alto Molise. The most important archaeological site related to the history of the Samnites is in Pietrabbondante, a small and nice village 20 minutes far from Agnone and 25 from Isernia. Pietrabbonadante is set on rock, called “morge”, at 1000 meters on the sea level. In the centre of the village stands the statue of the Samnite warrior, symbol of Molise. In Calcatello area stands the most important Samnitical Sanctuary of the ancient times, as defined by Adriano La Regina (President of INASA, the National Institute of Archaeology and History of Art in Rome), who led the excavations in the area.

A stone theater, featured by anatomical seats dating back to the II century B.C., was the Senate of that time and still hosts theatrical events. Temples, the domus publicae, shops and houses are still visible in the area.

Pietrabbondante is the most visited site of MiBACT in Molise because of its archaeological and historical importance.

Other Samnitical ruins are in Vastogirardi: the ruins of a Samnite temple are still visible in località Sant’Angelo. Shepherds practicing Transumanza would visit this sacred area.