Ricotta salata

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  • Cheese code: RS
  • Weight: approx 250 g
  • Maturing period: 3-6 months
  • Ingredients: 100% local, raw cow’s milk, whey starter, salt, rennet
  • Best before: two months after the date of production
  • Vacuum packed: available
  • Package weight (vacuum packed): approx 250 g
  • Best before (vacuum packed): 6 months after the date of production
  • Keep refrigerated: temperature between +2C° e +4°C
  • Not to be grilled
  • Availability: all year round


Ricotta salata is a salty, mature ricotta.

Features: ricotta salata is round in shape with a diameter of 8-10 cm. The paste is compact and the taste is sharp. Mold covers the whole Ricotta during the maturing period and you normally find some strands of mold inside too.

Serving suggestions: remove ricotta salata from the paper or the plastic bag and keep it refrigerated covered with a cloth or special cheese paper. Ricotta salata can be grated or shredded on pasta and risotti, especially with vegetables. It gives a salty, savory touch.

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Ricotta salata
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